Our roofing experts are specialized in all types of roofing solution including roof repairs, roof replacements, roof inspections and even ice guard repairs. We are offering a wide range of services at a fair and competitive price. We are offering:


Dynamic Roofing Solutions is the most trusted residential roofing contractor because we care about your roof. We can take your home’s aging, rotting, dilapidated roof and replace it with a gorgeous, secure, and curb-appeal-enhancing architectural dream. We’re in the business of roof renovation and repairs, and we take our work seriously.

Throughout our experience in the roofing business, we come to know that there’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to roofs. While one homeowner prefers traditional asphalt shingles, another may love the look of metal roofing. You may want a quaint tile roof, but your neighbor might prefer a modern flat roof with a single-ply membrane.

We offer a range of different roofing solutions to satisfy every preference. We price each of our materials based on cost and labor and include our professional recommendation for your roof.

Chimney Roof Flashing Repair

Almost any water issues you are facing in your residence can be traced back to installed flashing improperly. Unfortunately, building codes repeatedly have very little to say about flashing, and as a result, many roofing contractors in the region see it as an opportunity to cut corners.

At Dynamic Roofing Solution, we believe your home is your most important investment, and we want to do everything we can to protect it. At Dynamic Roofing Solutions, our roofing experts take great care to ensure your flashing is installed correctly to prevent water infiltration from damaging your home.

Whether your home’s flashing was improperly installed from the get-go or it has been damaged or torn out by severe storms, We provide flashing installation, repair, and replacement to help protect your home from leaks and water damage year-round.

Roof Ice and Water Shield

At Dynamic Roofing Solutions, we provide even greater protection against water damage, a particular type of underlayment called ice shield that can be used around the lower edge of the roof deck, or anywhere that leaks are common. Ice shield is a rubber-like asphalt and fiberglass membrane that is applied at the gutter line, in the valleys, around chimneys, skylights and any other areas of the roof that benefit from a leak barrier.

Ice Guard Repair is especially crucial in areas where ice can form near the eaves, causing water to back up under the shingles. Ice and water shields can also benefit low slope roofs because they are more susceptible to water damage due to high winds.

Roof Tear Off Service

We will provide you with quality Roof Removal Service each and every job. We pride ourselves on being reliable, getting your job completed quickly and efficiently and leaving the job site just as clean. With our experienced crews, we will definitely be a benefit to you by offering many advantages including:

  • Commercial, Residential and Industrial Tear-Offs
  • Plywood and OSB installed
  • Sheeting and dry rot removal and replacement

Flat Roof Repair Service

We provide our clients with an entire selection of services from minor repairs to total flat roof replacements for TPO and modified bitumen, built-up roofs (with or without gravel), EPDM Rubber roofs, and PVC roofing. Our highly regarded inspection and construction process for commercial and industrial flat roofs guarantee that we find the ideal solution to any flat roof situation.

Our professionals will carefully inspect your residential or commercial building for FREE to evaluate the condition of your current flat roof, and what professional services you may need. After we provide our analysis, we will explain the appropriate solutions for you as well as how each will protect your roof for years to come.

Roof Gable Repair

At Dynamic Roofing Solutions, our gable roofs are built with the best products that a roofing company can provide. We stand right at the back of all the services that we can provide for your roof and are confident in the incredible customer service that our employees offer to all of our customers during installations and repairs. Our solutions are tailored to the vision that you have for your roof. We guarantee complete customer satisfaction with any finished product provided by Dynamic Roofing Solutions.

Our gabled roof has the most advantages compared to other roofing options. This is why it is so admired among homeowners. One of the main reasons that our customers are attracted to our gable roof is the simple installation process. With the installation process by Dynamic Roofing Solutions being fast and affordable, it is no surprise that it is the ideal roofing option for our customers. The slope in our gable roof provides homes with excellent water drainage, leading to fewer leaks adding to the longevity of the roof.